About psychologist Doesjka Tromp

psychologist Doesjka Tromp I am a 41 year old Dutchy, but I partly grew up in South-Africa due to my fathers work. My parents loved travelling and passed that on to me. My love for nature and getting to know other cultures has brought me to travel many months through South- and Central America, as well as Asia and Indonesia.

I believe travelling broadens our horizon. It helps us become aware of our own belief system and the fact that there are other truths, which is an asset to my job as a psychologist. As I have lived in other countries as well (Spain and Costa Rica), I understand the challenges of building up a life and social network as a foreigner. This led me to become a psychologist for expats.

The past 7 years I have lived together with my partner and I recently gave birth to our son. In my spare time, besides travelling and seeing friends, I love to dance. In the past it has been Showdance and Capoeira, but lately I enjoy 'Ecstatic Dance'. Also, I enjoy developing my creativity in the form of drawing and painting. And every year I take some time to travel within myself, either by yoga/meditation or with medicinal plants, guided by a shaman.

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