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If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment for therapy, then please contact me by using the form below, by sending me an email or by calling me on the number below. Please leave your name and phone number if I am unable to pick up your call, so that I may get back to you as soon as possible.

Update May 15th: there is currently a waiting list; therefore, it is generally not possible to make a first appointment within 4 weeks. I only work after office hours on Mondays, so the waiting time for appointments on those specific hours can be even longer.

Psychologist Doesjka Tromp
Van Wickevoort Crommelinstraat 53,
 2024 EL Haarlem
023 - 205 2657

Opening hours
  • Mon: 13.00h-21.00h
  • Wed: 10.00h-17.00h
  • Fri: 10.00h-18.00h
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Psycholoog Doesjka Tromp in Haarlem
Doesjka Tromp
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